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Women's cardigan sweater with 3/4 sleeves, coral

Price: €17.84

The women's cotton fit cardigan sweater of "YANA" Ltd. in flat knit with delicate openwork motifs, elongated elastic band and V-neck, is extremely convenient and comfortable to wear, thanks to the best knitting world practices used. The cardigan has a cut that gives freedom to the body when moving, it is fully fashion knitted, without cutting. The cardigan is fastened with 6 buttons, and 2 more for each sleeve for decoration. Highest production standards for 100% cotton. The most environmentally friendly finish thanks to the Swiss company THIES GmbH. The shirt has a stylish cut, in line with the latest fashion trends, fully fashion knitted, without cutting. The latest colors for the Spring-Summer season. Ideal for the city, for sea and mountains.

* Advantages of cotton clothes

There are several reasons to prefer cotton clothes over synthetic ones. The most important among them is the ability of cotton to quickly absorb moisture from the body and release it into the atmosphere. This allows the skin to "breathe". That is why cotton clothes are preferred to wear both in summer and in winter. Cotton clothes are soft, durable and comfortable. Also, cotton is an environmentally friendly, natural fiber, non-toxic and easy to maintain. Cotton clothes are hypoallergenic. Most dermatologists recommend wearing cotton clothes to avoid skin allergies. This type of fiber includes a wide range of products such as lingerie, towels, bedding, shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, cardigans, and many others. And last but not least - cotton clothes are 100% recyclable!

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*** The product is made in "YANA" Ltd. – factory in Pleven

**** The photos are real, but  discrepancies in color shades are possible.

Women’s cardigans sweater with ¾ sleeves:
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    All season
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    100% Cotton
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by Ралица Станева, 22 Feb 2024

Памучният пуловер (памук 100%) е с умален размер в сравнение с пуловерите 65% памук, вероятно вследствие на плетката. Хубаво е да се упомене, тъй като размер М и на двата модела имат забележителна разлика в деколтето, ширината и дължината. Тюрбанът за коса е мек и пухкав, но е прекалено дебел за целта - за да стои стабилно на главата и в ластика. Като цяло материалите и изработката са качествени, но от самите модели има какво да се желае. На посоченият в сайта телефон никой не отговаря с дни.

by GDPR 02-07-2023, 12 Dec 2022

by GDPR 30-06-2023, 12 Dec 2022

Отлични. Добро качество на добра цена. Бърза доставка .