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The Bulgarian manufacturer of terry products, bathrobes and sweaters
Home HOTELS & SPA Bathrobe with a hood Riton white 400 gr/m2

Bathrobe with a hood Riton white 400 gr/m2

Price: €30.42

Classic series of white bathrobes and towels, suitable for Hotel, SPA and Wellness centers.

The terrycloth bathrobes of YANA AD are extremely comfortable and convenient for use, thanks to the best world practices applied to design the cutting. Highest industrial designs for 100% cotton. Best environmentally-friendly finishing, thanks to the Swiss company THIES GmbH. This makes your bathrobe very comfortable for every where - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, at the swimming pool and in the SPA center, at the beach and in your leisure time. Made of high abrasion-resistant, practically lifelong material, the bathrobes of YANA AD  are well known worldwide.

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The bathrobe is recommended to be washed separately. Washing with other types of clothes, eg: clothing with buttons or zippers, can considerably raise the risk of damaging.

The towel fabric is made of 100% cotton. It is highly hygroscopic, that is why washing requires more water. Washing temperature is 60°C. For white bathrobes, use powder for washing white fabrics and fabric softener! After washing, rinse the bathrobe very well several times.

When spinning it is recommended to set the speed from 400 rpm to max 600 rpm. Drying is done on the reverse (inner) side, after shaking in an open and ventilated place. Drying in direct sunlight is not recommended. When using a dryer, be sure to use a low temperature mode.

Ironing is not recommended.

Adult bathrobe sizes: Bathrobe Sizes
  • Type:
    Monocolor Male Female
  • Density:
    400 g/m²
  • Composition:
    100% Cotton
  • Type of products:
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by Ваньо Нейков, 12 Jul 2024

Качество на услугите и продуктите!

by Фатме Атанасова, 13 Mar 2024

Бърза реакция прекрасни продукти.Поръчах три халата това което очаквах получих .Препоръчвам на всичкил

by Красимира Георгиева, 16 Feb 2024

Много удобен халат.

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Прекрасни продукти!

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Отлично качество!

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Продуктът е с изключително високо качество!

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by GDPR 19-08-2023, 31 Jan 2023

Здравейте, причината поради която върнах халата е, че не беше бял. За мен това което получих е цвят крем.

by GDPR 03-08-2023, 15 Jan 2023

by GDPR 17-07-2023, 26 Dec 2022

Халатите са страхотни, меки и удобни, отговарят на размера. Благодаря ви за бързото обслужване!

by GDPR 07-07-2023, 19 Dec 2022

страхотни и удобни

by GDPR 06-07-2023, 18 Dec 2022

Халатът Ритон е обявен 122 см дължина, а е 110. Бих пожелала на производителя да има опция за по-дълги халати, например 140см.

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Благодаря за прекрасния халат, както и за бързото му изпращане.